Plot hydrological signatures.

Plots include daily, monthly and annual hydrograph as well as regime curve (monthly mean) and flow duration curve.

Module Contents#


Generate a structured data for plotting hydrologic signatures.


daily (pandas.Series or pandas.DataFrame) – The data to be processed


PlotDataType – Containing daily, ``mean_monthly, ranked, titles, and units fields.

Return type:


pygeohydro.plot.signatures(discharge, precipitation=None, title=None, figsize=None, output=None, close=False)#

Plot hydrological signatures w/ or w/o precipitation.

Plots includes daily hydrograph, regime curve (mean monthly) and flow duration curve. The input discharges are converted from cms to mm/day based on the watershed area, if provided.

  • discharge (pd.DataFrame or pd.Series) – The streamflows in mm/day. The column names are used as labels on the plot and the column values should be daily streamflow.

  • precipitation (pd.Series, optional) – Daily precipitation time series in mm/day. If given, the data is plotted on the second x-axis at the top.

  • title (str, optional) – The plot supertitle.

  • figsize (tuple, optional) – The figure size in inches, defaults to (9, 5).

  • output (str, optional) – Path to save the plot as png, defaults to None which means the plot is not saved to a file.

  • close (bool, optional) – Whether to close the figure.