0.16.1 (2024-XX-XX)#

Internal Changes#

  • Add the exceptions module to the high-level API to declutter the main module. In the future, all exceptions will be raised from this module and not from the main module. For now, the exceptions are raised from both modules for backward compatibility.

0.16.0 (2024-01-03)#

New Features#

  • Add a new function called flashiness_index for computing the flashiness index of a daily streamflow time series following Baker et al. (2004).

Breaking Changes#

  • Improve function naming convention by removing the compute_ prefix from all functions and spelling out the full name of the function. For example, compute_fdc_slope and compute_ai are now flow_duration_curve_slope and aridity_index, respectively.

0.15.2 (2023-09-22)#

New Features#

  • Add an option to compute_mean_monthly for specifying whether the input data unit is in mm/day or m3/s. If m3/s, then the monthly values are computed by taking the mean of the daily values for each month. If mm/day, then the monthly values are computed by taking the sum of the daily values for each month.

0.15.0 (2023-05-07)#

From release 0.15 onward, all minor versions of HyRiver packages will be pinned. This ensures that previous minor versions of HyRiver packages cannot be installed with later minor releases. For example, if you have py3dep==0.14.x installed, you cannot install pydaymet==0.15.x. This is to ensure that the API is consistent across all minor versions.

Internal Changes#

  • Explicitly use nopython mode in numba-decorated functions to avoid deprecation warnings.

0.14.0 (2023-03-05)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Address an issue in compute_fdc_slope where if the input includes NANs, it returns NAN. Now, the function correctly handles NAN values. Also, this function now works with any array-like input, i.e., pandas.Series, pandas.DataFrame, numpy.ndarray, and xarray.DataArray. Also, the denominator should have been divided by 100 since the input bins are percentiles.

  • Fix a bug in compute_ai where instead of using mean annual average values, daily values was being used. Also, this function now accepts xarray.DataArray too.

Internal Changes#

  • Sync all minor versions of HyRiver packages to 0.14.0.

0.1.12 (2023-02-10)#

Internal Changes#

  • Fully migrate setup.cfg and setup.py to pyproject.toml.

  • Convert relative imports to absolute with absolufy-imports.

  • Sync all patch versions of HyRiver packages to x.x.12.

0.1.2 (2023-01-08)#

New Features#

  • Refactor the show_versions function to improve performance and print the output in a nicer table-like format.

Internal Changes#

  • Use pyright for type checking and fix all typing issues that it raised.

  • Add xarray as a dependency.

0.1.1 (2022-11-04)#

New Features#

  • Add a new function called compute_ai for computing the aridity index.

  • Add a new function called compute_flood_moments for computing flood moments: Mean annual flood, coefficient of variation, and coefficient of skewness.

  • Add a stand-alone function for computing the FDC slope, called compute_fdc_slope.

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove the runoff_ratio_annual function.

0.1.0 (2022-10-03)#

  • First release on PyPI.